Permanent Availability, Timely Maintenance

International Accelerator

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Long-term stability

During the years of service, we have made continuous progress and accumulated a lot of accumulation, which ensures the long-term and stable use of our applications.

Toll free line

We provide a large number of high-quality toll-free lines, which meet most needs of most users.

Timely maintenance

We have done a lot of work and invested a lot of resources to ensure the quality of service and ensure the normal operation of all lines.


Optimal high-quality direct connection lines of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, with large bandwidth, no congestion, more nodes, more choices, high efficiency and stability.

Common problem

Here are some common problems and tips on how to deal with them.

Q:Wifi works fine but cellular network doesn't connect

A:Turn on the airplane mode for a few minutes and switch to a new local IP address, usually it can be solved.


A:GFW banned IP on a large scale. Please wait for our maintenance, or let us know as soon as possible.

Q:Connection duration

A:IPsec specifies a maximum connection time of 1 hour. IKEv2 is up to 24 hours, and we support 8 hours.

Q:Unknown error occurred in IKEv2, unable to connect many times

A:For broadband network, please restart the router, and for cellular network, please turn on the airplane mode for a few minutes, and switch to a new local IP address

Q:Key not provided

A:Switch between IPsec and IKEv2, or use IKEv2.

Q:The connection timed out and the server did not respond

A:If there is no other fault in the investigation and the server delay is normal, please try the connection again.

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